NC NAACP YCD Stands Against S.B. 873

The Youth and College Division of the N.C. NAACP and The North Carolina State Conference of Branches, issued this statement today against SB 873

 "This bill is classic underdevelopment. Once again the extremists use a false label to cover up the truth. This bill is not about making college more affordable," said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, NC NAACP President. "Instead it is an attack on HBCUs and minority universities that will drain millions of dollars from them with no replacement revenue. Like the extremists' voucher and voter suppression schemes, this is just another scheme to further the extremist agenda." 

"We don’t need to change the names of our Black and Brown schools," said Tyler Swanson, Field Secretary for the Youth and College Division of the NC NAACP.  "We need to change the minds and hearts of those who know not what they are doing.  We don’t need to lower tuitions to cause bankruptcy.  We need more money.  We must examine the Bill closely.  It is designed to destroy the economic and social viability of Elizabeth City State University, Winston Salem State University, Fayetteville State University, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and Western Carolina University."

The progressive history of North Carolina was written at these schools. Shaw is where the transformative student movement of the 1960's, led by SNCC, was founded.  NC A&T and Bennett is where the sit-in Movement was hatched.  NC Central stands for a 100 years of sweat-equity by Durham’s Black Community. Elizabeth City State University was the first school for Black teachers in Eastern North Carolina. Winston Salem State University was the first college to grant elementary teaching degrees to African Americans. Fayetteville State University was the home of the first public normal school for African Americans in North Carolina and the first state-sponsored institution for educating African-American teachers in the South.

Ms. Margaret Spellings: Stand with us against S.B. 873.  Governor McCrory: We ask that if this Bill comes across your desk, Veto it!  It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Honor our ancestors who built these schools from scraps after being enslaved for 250 years in the colony and state of North Carolina.  Honor their history, built on Saturdays and Sundays by tens of thousands of students, parents, and teachers putting millions of sweat-equity hours.  So we could have a quiet, safe place to read, to study history, to learn to write, to have strong Black adults pushing us hard, and comforting us when we needed it.

 We ask all students, parents, professors, faculty and alumni to contact Sen. Tom Apodaca, the primary sponsor of this monstrous bill.  Let him know that SB 873 is horrible for our HBCU’s, (919) 733-5745