Students Stand Against Voter Suppression & HB 589

Winston Salem State University Student Government Association and Royal Court

By: Student Body President Kyle Brown and Mister Winston-Salem State University/WSSU NAACP President Rodie Lamb

“Keep the black man from the ballot and we’ll treat him as we please, With no means for protection, we will rule with perfect ease” - Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer

With Ms. Moorer righting this in the early 1900s speaking from the perspective of the white male legislature I bet she would say today in 2015 that not one thing has changed.

Same Plague, Same People, Different Approach.

50 years ago, we marched in Selma for our right to vote. Now in 2015, we are gathered here in Winston-Salem, NC to take a stand against voter suppression. The actions and voices of the community are needed more than ever at this point.

Those who came before us sacrificed their lives for us to have the right to vote. We have no other choice but to fight for what is right. As I think about the diverse culture that is put together in this fight for social justice in NC, the image illustrates a unique compilation of fusion politics. A type of politics that embodies the true meaning of equality, the true meaning of justice, and most importantly the true meaning of humanity.

The attack on our most fought for right is insulting to myself, my ancestors, and most importantly my HBCU, Winston Salem State University, a community that this new Voter Suppression Law is meant to disenfranchise. This case hits home to the Winston Salem State Community mainly because we understand what it feels like to get something taken away from us. We understand how bad it hurts to feel as though your voice isn’t heard or simply just isn’t important. We understand the feeling of losing our historical polling site on the campus of WSSU.

We lost our polling site on campus 2 years ago. The Anderson Center was a place where all 5000 students at WSSU could leave class and go vote easily and conveniently. Due to this extremist legislature we now have to travel close to 2 miles to cast a vote and let our voices be heard.

Here at WSSU, we believe in the power of PERSISTENCE. As we develop deep critical thinkers and global citizens in America we also develop leaders who aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe in and retain a right that is solely theirs.

This message serves as a request for community leaders, church leaders, community organizers, students, and most importantly the legislature to step up to the plate to improve the quality of life in this state and country that we live in, reassuring justice at all levels. This great task must be conquered through the power of love, knowledge and politically involved citizens who still believe in true humanity. Citizens who want to eradicate this institution of racism and give their future generations a democracy that they can believe in.

On behalf of Winston Salem State University Student Government Association and Royal Court

Thank you,

Kyle Brown & Rodie Lamb